Slang Entry # 50 - fifty

fifty noun 1 a serving of beer that is half new and half old. A shortening of FIFTY FIFTY AUSTRALIA, 1965. 2 a .50 calibre machine gun US, 1977

fifty-dollar lane noun in trucking, the inside passing lane. A name based on the fine at the time on many motorways for truckers who used the inside lane US, 1976

fifty-fifty noun 1 oral sex followed by anal sex. Largely supplanted by HALF AND HALF US, 1941. 2 in the television and film industries, a shot of two actors facing each other, each taking up half the screen US, 1977. 3 a serving of beer that is half new and half old AUSTRALIA, 1972

fifty-fifty! give me half of what you are consuming! FIJI, 2002

fifty-five noun in craps, a roll of two fives US, 1974

fifty-mission cap noun a cap similar to that worn by bomber crews during World War 2 US, 1956

fifty-one; one fifty-one
noun small pieces of crack cocaine sprinkled in a tobacco or marijuana cigarette US, 1994

fifty PSI finger
noun (among Canadian armed forces personnel) a finger poked into someone's chest to emphasise a point forcefully CANADA, 1995

fifty-two noun in craps, a roll of five and two - a seven US, 1973

fifty-two/twenty club noun US military veterans who were entitled to benefits of $20 a week for a year after World War 2, making a life of bohemian leisure possible US, 1946