Slang Entry # 46 - toke

toke noun 1 an inhalation of marijuana smoke US, 1962. 2 marijuana UK, 2001. 3 a dose of a drug US, 1994. 4 cocaine UK, 2003. 5 in casino gambling, a gratuity either in the form of betting chips or in the form of a bet made in the name of the dealer. An abbreviation of 'token of gratitude' US, 1981

toke verb 1 to inhale smoke from a tobacco cigarette, a marijuana cigarette, a crack cocaine pipe or other drug US, 1952. 2 to sniff up and inhale cocaine UK, 2001. 3 to tip someone. Almost exclusively casino usage US, 1983

toke pipe noun a short-stemmed pipe used for smoking marijuana US, 1982

noun 1 a marijuana smoker US, 1973. 2 in a casino, a tipper. Because tips in casinos are most often in the form of gambling tokens or 'tokes' US, 1974

toke up verb to smoke marijuana US, 1959