Slang Entry #59 - flight deck

flight deck noun the female breasts UK, 1981

Update from Tom

Tom recently had the opportunity to take part in the Authors at Google series, a great program of informal talks by authors that are filmed and posted on You Tube. Tom's talk was at the company headquarters, also known as the Googleplex, in Mountain View, CA on March 18th.

Slang Entry # 58 - double-aught buck

double-aught buck noun double-O (.32 calibre) buckshot used in police shotguns US, 1982

Slang Entry # 57 - stokaboka

stokaboka adjective extremely enthusiastic US, 1991

Slang Entry # 56 - raize

raize verb to annoy or harass someone US, 1991

Slang Entry # 55 - emby

emby noun in carnival usage, a gullible player US, 1985

Slang Entry # 54 - barossa

barossa noun a girl. Rhyming slang for Barossa Pearl (a popular white wine). AUSTRALIA, 1980