Slang Entry # 44 - bling

bling noun a vulgar or ludicrously ostentatious display of wealth US, 2003

bling-bling noun
1 wealth, especially as manifested in expensive, if tasteless, jewellery. Coined by hip-hop rapper B.G. and appearing in his 1999 'Chopper City in the Ghetto' US, 1999. 2 ostentation. A generalised sense that derives from the previous sense UK, 2003

bling-bling verb to be successful, especially in hip-hop; hence, to be ostentatious; to make money US, 2003

bling-blinger noun a successful or established member of the hip-hop community. From the BLING-BLING worn as an ostentatious symbol of status US, 2000

blinged; blinged out adjective ostentatious; expensively bejewelled, especially if a tasteless display. From BLING-BLING (ostentatious jewellery) US, 2000

blinging adjective ostentatious and expensive. Derives from BLING-BLING (ostentatious jewellery) UK, 2003

bling it up verb to have an ostentatiously expensive lifestyle; to temporarily lead such a life. Extended from BLING-BLING (wealth, tasteless ostentation) UK, 2003

Blinglish noun a slang and black patois-rich form of English, especially when used by white urban youths. Extended from BLING UK, 2005

bling-tastic adjective extravagantly ostentatious UK, 2002