Poll Quiz # 3 - kite

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There are multiple slang definitions of kite. This quiz will ask you which meaning you think is

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Slang Entry # 36 - garm

garm noun clothing, an item of clothing. An abbreviation of 'garment'; current in the black community UK, 1997

Update From Tom

The transcript to Tom's interview from "Something You Should Know" is available here.

Slang Entry # 35 - phantasmagoria

phantasmagoria noun an astonishing visual display. The term was coined for an 1802 exhibition of optical illusions in London. It was used throughout the C19, forgotten, and then briefly revived in the hippie era of the 1960s and 70s UK, 1802

Slang Entry # 34 - momo; momo boy

momo noun 1 a motor; a car. Childish, reduplication of first syllable UK, 1982. 2 an idiot US, 1960

momo boy noun a member of the Mongrel Mob gang NEW ZEALAND, 1977

Slang Entry # 33 - twilly

twilly noun a woman, especially an attractive or promiscuous one US, 1934

Slang Entry # 32 - onkus

onkus adjective no good. Origin unknown AUSTRALIA, 1918

Slang Entry # 31 - G-dog

G-dog noun a good friend US, 1998

Slang Entry # 30 - broach

broach verb to inject an illegal drug US, 1992

Update from Terry

Radio London's drivetime show on Friday January 4th interviews Terry on the topic of teen slang...

Poll Quiz # 2 Answer - figjam

figjam noun a boastful person AUSTRALIA, 1996

stop boasting!

Slang Entry # 29 - no tilt!

no tilt! used as a euphemism for 'no shit!' in expressing surprise or affirmation US, 1983